A1: 911 Realtor Marketing is a unique agency created to support realtors during urgent times, especially in the
dynamic Florida real estate market. The agency offers a free Realtor Marketing Program aimed at helping
realtors close a minimum of 10 clients in 90 days without any cost for the marketing services provided.

A2: 911 Realtor Marketing provides a range of services to realtors at no cost, including Executive Assistance,
Marketing Management, Facebook Ad Management, CRM & IT Management, and Business Coaching. These
services are designed to engage former clients and leads, schedule calendar appointments with pre-approved
clients, produce and manage marketing content, and offer comprehensive CRM solutions and business strategy

A3: The agency helps realtors stand out by offering a comprehensive suite of marketing and support services at
no cost, allowing them to leverage professional expertise in lead generation, social media automation, and client
management. This support helps realtors adapt to the fast-paced and competitive nature of the Florida real
estate market, focusing on areas like Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, and Orlando, where the market is rapidly

A4: The goal of 911 Realtor Marketing is to develop relationships across Florida by helping realtors succeed.
They achieve this by providing realtors with an array of marketing services and support at no cost, including
detailed business coaching and a comprehensive marketing plan aimed at closing at least 10 buyers within 90
days, thereby fostering rapid growth and success in the realtor’s business

A5: Realtors looking to be sponsored by 911 Realtor Marketing need to be ambitious, ready to adopt an intensive
marketing approach, comfortable speaking to large groups in webinars, able to handle a busy client schedule,
enjoy working in a fast-paced team environment, dedicate time for coaching and webinars, and willing to invest
in their advertising budget.

A6: Webinars are a central component of the 911 Realtor Marketing Program, designed to help realtors connect
with potential clients and showcase their expertise in the Florida real estate market. The program offers live
webinars where realtors can present themselves as industry experts, engage with a large audience, and
effectively communicate the value they bring to the buying or selling process. These webinars provide a platform
for realtors to stand out in a crowded market by offering personalized content and interactive sessions that build
trust and rapport with potential clients. The agency supports realtors by producing the webinars, managing the
content, and ensuring that each session effectively targets and attracts the right audience, leading to higher
conversion rates and successful client acquisitions.

A7: 911 Realtor Marketing, in collaboration with 911 Mortgage, offers a wide array of mortgage programs and
services tailored to meet the diverse needs of a realtor’s clients. These include conventional loans, FHA, VA,
USDA loans, down payment assistance, non-QM bank statement loans, jumbo loans, DSCR loans, foreign
national loans, and commercial mortgages nationwide. By providing clients with all financing solutions and
ensuring most clients are closed in under 3 weeks, 911 Realtor Marketing enhances the realtor-client relationship
by streamlining the buying process, offering flexible financing options, and improving client satisfaction through
efficient and personalized service. This comprehensive support not only aids in closing deals more quickly but
also strengthens the trust and dependability clients place in their realtors, fostering long-term relationships and
potential referrals.